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Past Cohorts & History


The Store



Founded in September 2013, the iJay is a student-run Apple store at Creighton University. It stands as a pioneering initiative, being the first of its kind in the country. This unique establishment, created by students for students, reflects a dynamic blend of innovation and educational empowerment. With a commitment to providing a seamless technological experience, this Apple store not only serves as a hub for cutting-edge devices but also fosters a collaborative environment that resonates with the spirit of the university. Through its inception, it has not only enhanced the campus's technological landscape but has also exemplified the spirit of student-led entrepreneurship and forward-thinking within the academic community at Creighton University.



The Practicum



Today, the iJay Practicum, a two-semester course, helps students get real-world experience in things like: Branding, Web Development, Technology, Data Analytics, Finance and Accounting, and Event Planning. Students collaborate to advance the back-end technology of the store and provide the best user experience for all our customers, including students, faculty, staff and alumni. Throughout its ttenure, the iJay store has served the same purpose on Creighton’s campus: to provide a one-of-a-kind retail space where students can access up-to-date Apple products, receive expert advice on technology solutions, and engage in hands-on experiences.

The Members


Cohort 21

Cohort 20

Cohort 19

Conner Dvorak
Grace Teevan
J.J. Smith
Kathleen McNeill
Kaylee Van Handel
Pierson Maass
Tate Engleson
Moira Hale
Kamryn Coauette
Ashley Homegcoy
Kate Lembree
Brady Hall
Cole Gamon
Sebastian Ruccolo
Noah Ralofsky
Aliya Haas
Atta Toosi
Ameer Zurob
Eddie Graczyk
Evan Diuguid-Quisenberry
Henry Lewis
Katie McGuire

Cohort 18

Cohort 17

Cohort 16

Abbey Scott
Casey Koenig
Emily Whitsitt
Emma Hermann
Gianluca Green
Maria Inciarte-Balza
Ryan Smith
Dany Guerra
Jack Mumm
Kaitlyn Rosenbaum
Luke Klahs
Matt McGuire
Sigrid Ales Ferderer
Theo Kritikos
Abe Joseph
Cole Sheridan
Danny Poulos
Eric Cote
Morgan Demman
Shannon Goaley
Tina Tomas

Cohort 15

Cohort 14

Cohort 13

Alyssa Huey
Isaac Luebke
Shaianne Sunagawa
Taylor Rowland
Payton Markvicka
Abigail Stoffel
Bradley Gilkerson
Brittney Manthie
Cole Goeltl
Duyen "Julie" Nguyen
Jack Canton
Cole DeRousse
Kaitlyn Anderson
Nina Bastian 
Ryan Ong

Cohort 12

Cohort 11

Cohort 10

Cedric Lorch
Garrett Cahill
Isabel Marquez de la Plata
Matt Albers
Stephanie Rodriguez Gomez
Steven Ruedebusch
Thomas Borgerding
Valerie Gamon
Alex Irwin
Andrew Christensen
Conlan Creedon
Erika Hunzeker
Kendra Lavallee
Leslie Smith
Mary Novoa
McKinley Wilson
Ryan Shadle
Sam Garrett
Erica Dunham
Grace Larson
Kim Do
Monica Sefcik
Peter Spaniol 
Tommy McLaughlin

Cohort 9

Cohort 8

Cohort 7

Ameer Chughtai
Clara Hawkins
Dane Reinhardt
Emily Nyvall
Jack DeMera
Joey Guzzino
Nicholas Biever
Nikolas Shad
Annmarie Ford
Bridget Thomson
Erica McDonald
Jack Robertson
Johnny Duggan
Katie Lee
Rachel Zwiener
Alex VanAckeren
Haley Housh
Jordan Burt
Katie Metzger
Lexi Heiden
Micaela Walker
Mykayla Guerra
Sam Jones

Cohort 6

Cohort 5

Cohort 4

Carly Wermers
Harry Sommers 
Kelsey Arneson
Michael Carlson
Michael Reznicek
Niko Tsiouvaras
Sarah Townsend
Xuemei Ma
Bailey Egger
Claire Harrington
Hannah Tjaden
Jenna Breitbach
Jessica Samuelson
Kiley Ossello
Leslie Dill
Sarah Villareal
Daniel Rahav
Kelly Woodruff
Nam Vu
Scoott Byerley
Torie Sandene
Yoselin DeLeon

Cohort 3

Cohort 2

Cohort 1

Chaeli Ford
Erin Handke
Grace Glitter
Iwa Chanthavong
John Walawender
Linh Nguyen
Matt Thompson
Mikayla Zobrist
Will Fenton


Erin Wong
Heidy Polanco Romano
JT Seger
Cate Lucas
Chelsea Pavlacic
Grace Amodeo
Ingrid Link
John Young
Kelcy Perkins
Majo Grijalva
Sean Gill
Tien Nguyen